Who are we?

With our camp, we want to set an anti-Fascist signal for the Dortmund status quo. We want to enter the offensive with a nationwide effort and attack the drive of the Nazis in their high phase of the mobilization to the “National Day of Anti-War” (1 September 2012) in a radical, determined but thoroughly broad effort and mock the march. Moreover, our perspective is to regain the autonomy of antifascist resistance. The camp is to be a start!

It is important to us to emphasize that anti-Semitism and racist exclusion go far beyond the attack (state-salvaged and unpaid) Nazi structures. Therefore, anti-fascist resistance must not only address everyday racism among government authorities and refugee policy, since these conditions are only made possible by the deep social anchoring of racism. A cooperation point for criticism is the cooperation with migrant initiatives, for example, in Dortmund’s Nordstadt, where the already precarious situation of sex workers was aggravated by numerous anti-Nigerian media reports. In their public protests, they identified the consequences of the lack of protection against violent customers,

By attacking the (social) issue of impoverishment and exclusion, we want to regain public space and not leave the (un) social anchoring of the Nazis with their nationalist protests against crappy working conditions and Hartz IV.

We also call on all of us to fight with us for the fact that September 1, as an anti-war day, will no longer be fascist, but progressive anti-militarist. Who takes the Buchenwaldschwur seriously, must think antimilitarism and antifascism together. The persistence in fictitious sub-domain movements is a weakening and (resistance-) world-distant viewpoint, with which the conditions can not be fundamentally changed.