An ambitious project

Of course, we know that an anti-fascist camp in Dortmund is anything but an easy thing. Everyone agrees that a camp must have a certain minimum size and structure in order to be able to be enforced and to defend the activities going on from there against attacks by neo-Nazis and the police for a week without affecting their own content. We are counting on a nationwide participation of 500+ participants.

We assume that in the current situation the city of Dortmund will have political difficulties to completely prevent an anti-fascist camp. But even such situations are not new to us. Various camps of the last 15 years had to be passed over the threat, otherwise in a central place.

We also know that the co-operation of various tendencies in the protests against the Nazi invasion of September 1 of recent years was very difficult. From these experiences, we are welcomed to prepare for the camp all those who are at an undogmatic radical antifascist resistance.