Camping Tips: How to Assemble a Portable Gas Furnace

Camping Tips

In this article, we will be talking about a few camping tips that will surely make our camping trip not only memorable and fun, but also warm and comfortable, especially if we are planning to camp in a cold place. We will try to focus on how to assemble a portable gas furnace and much like everything else that seems concerning with using a portable gas furnace in camping. Of course, camping is a good bonding activity for the whole family, or with friends, even with most couples nowadays. A lot of things need to be considered which should be on the things-to-bring list. First and foremost, we need to keep in mind all the equipment that we will need to keep us warm and comfortable at night. Investing in thermal clothing is one way of making sure that we can sleep comfortably at night in our tents.

Buying high-grade thermal clothing means that the insulating capability of that material will be very dependable and will not result in chilly nights. Another thing to consider is the size of the tent that will be used. If there will only be two people occupying the space, it will be advisable to just use a smaller one as a bigger tent will result in bigger space that needs to be kept warm, which will be very hard to achieve. After considering those things in keeping a warm and comfortable stay at your tent, the next thing that you will also need is a portable gas furnace. Installing a portable gas furnace might just be the most practical and economical idea on a camping trip.

This piece of equipment is very handy and lightweight which is ideal for camping trips. Installing a portable gas furnace when camping can be a bit tricky if the instruction manual of the gas furnace is not followed properly, there is a reason why manufacturers put it there. With that in mind, listed below are generally the instructions in installing a gas furnace,

  • Getting the most recommended but cheap brand from your local hardware is the best way to go, especially if it is your first time doing it Prior to unboxing and firing up the gas furnace, make sure to read the instruction manual carefully. It will save your life, and it will not hurt by reading that manual.
  • Now that you have read the manual follow the instruction step by step on how to replace thermocouple on water heater and gas furnace. Keep in mind to check for specific instructions for tricky nuts and screws that need to be tight or a bit lose, again, depending on the manufacturers’ guide.

This also means that you need to check or the structural integrity of the furnace body itself. The best way for this is to do a test hook-up in your backyard so that it will be easier once you are actually on the camping site It will save you a lot of time by practicing at home.

  • Some gas furnaces come with hoses that connect the main body of the furnace to the butane gas tank or cylinder This part is very sensitive as even experienced handymen who dealt with a gas tank and others are still having a hard time figuring this out So it is best to secure the connections between the cylinder and the furnace body, making sure there is no gas leak. The first sign that you smell gas stop doing what you are doing and close the valve of the cylinder. You don’t want to burn the whole place down or start a wildfire in the forest if you are already in the camp.
  • After thoroughly checking everything, it is time to fire up the portable gas furnace. Turning on the valve for the cylinder slowly and not all the way open, it is best to turn it on halfway so if anything will go wrong, it will be easy to turn it off.
  • Make sure to also check for the thermocouple of the water heater As you can also heat up water with the heat from the furnace as the heat source. Water evaporating from the heater will help in keeping the air inside the tent to be a bit misty and not dry.
  • If you have the extra bucks, you may also want to get a Carbon Monoxide alarm, as this form of gas is being given out by the burned gas. It will surely come in handy. Keeping in mind these steps, we always need to be extra careful especially when dealing with gas tanks. Most firemen and experienced handymen will advise not to keep this portable gas furnace in a tight space or keep it running overnight. Leaving it unattended is like a ticking time bomb which spells catastrophe. Always remember that we cannot buy spare life from the supermarket or any local hardware store.
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