Camper’s Helmet Against Racism


Racism, intolerance, and xenophobia are some the problems we face today in our society today. However, we can all stand up and say NO to racial prejudice, xenophobia, and intolerant attitudes. Fighting against racism involves actions, movements, beliefs, and policies, and one of these actions is wearing Camper’s helmet against racism. Other campaigns like Stand Against Racism are meant to create awareness in our society about the racial injustice and the negative impact it would have on our communities and institutions. We must raise our voice against the fascist camp, which can threaten the peace and harmony people have enjoyed for many years.

People who will join the anti-fascist camp should use helmets to protect themselves from serious dangers especially when they are discriminated because of their races and this happens everywhere. The most important thing to start with is protecting your head. The most vulnerable places are your head and brain in case of an accident. As we spread the word against racism, we also need to ensure that we are safe by wearing helmets.

Not wearing helmets can make people seriously exposed to traumatic brain injury, which can sometimes be fatal. It is important to understand the risks involved especially when you’re riding a motorcycle without a helmet. A traumatic impact can even occur at lower speeds if you’re involved in an accident. Fatal injuries can lead to instant death while non-fatal injuries can have long-term effects on your body. Brain trauma can easily lead to spinal cord injuries that might require physical therapy and extended care. Studies have shown that non-fatal motorcycle injuries have led to high health care costs, longer recovery periods, longer hospitalization and reduced quality of life.

Wearing a helmet reduces the risks of suffering from brain injuries by 88 percent. Head injuries are said to be responsible for more than 70 percent of deaths related to motorcycle accidents. This has prompted some States in the United States to enact laws that require riders to wear a helmet when riding motorcycles. When it comes to visibility, helmets that have reflective strips will help you to see other motorists especially in early evening hours or pre-dawn. It is important to choose the bright colored helmets so that drivers can actually see you better.

A helmet will also protect you in case of a storm. Weather is unpredictable especially if you’re planning to ride a lengthy distance or camping. Wearing a helmet will protect you against weather hazards such as rain, hail and intense sun. With all these benefits, we shouldn’t have a reason not to wear a helmet. We can reduce serious accidents that could have been avoided if one had a helmet. Even mild head injuries can lead to an inability to concentrate, permanent behavioral problems, sleep disorders or permanent disability. Also its equally important to buy a high-quality helmet that provides maximum protection from the impact of extreme weather and has improved safety for users. Make it fits you well and provides the necessary comfort. A good helmet will sit evenly on the head.

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